Welcome to Harvest Delights Website Cafe!


Tired of Etsy? 
Looking for a solution with more control and less hassle, but overwhelmed with the vast possibilities of WordPress?


At Harvest Delights, I’ll build and decorate your very own delectable website to suit your various artistic needs.

Affordable ⬥ Creative ⬥ Delicious

Treat Bundles

I offer a variety of choices to fit different, individual needs, from basic portfolio sites to full e-commerce foundations.

Hover over the Treat Bundles to see details of what I offer.

Budget Site

• Budget friendly
• Basic site to help with exposure

$120 USD

• Free consultation
• One page website, including 5 sections
• Web hosting, for 1 year

Lemon Bear
Portfolio Site

• Focuses on showcasing your work
• Best for con or job applications

$200 USD

• Free consultation
• Portfolio website, including header, footer, and 5 pages
• Web hosting, for 1 year

Matcha Kittea
E-Commerce Site

• Focuses on selling products online
• Everything you need to start your shop

$350 USD

• Free consultation
• E-commerce website, including header, footer, 5 category pages, and 3 web pages
• Web hosting, for 1 year

Lavender Wolf
Deluxe Site

• Combination of a portfolio site and E-commerce site, for the best value


• Free consultation
• Deluxe website, including header, footer, 4 pages, and 1 shop with unlimited category pages
• Commissions page add-on available
• Blog add-on available
• Web hosting, for 1 year


Introductory Service

If you need a little extra help starting out, let me assist! I’ll take care of all the first steps.

Domain registration: $20 USD + domain cost


Want to document your journey as a creator? Add a blog to your site!

Blog Add-On: $25 USD

Website Management

Is managing a website on your own not your idea of a fun time? Then let me do it for you!

$50 USD/month

WordPress Updates

Technical support


Website Check-up

Regular check-ups are essential for a website to run smoothly

$60 USD/session

WordPress Updates

Technical support


Ready to take the leap?

How it Works

1. Pick

Pick a treat bundle that you feel fits your needs the most. Please reach out to me for any custom requests.

2. Consult

Next, we’ll have a brief consultation session to further discuss your needs and how I may best address them. I will send you a formal proposal afterward.

3. Accept and Pay

After you accept the proposal, I will send you an agreement and invoice. Please complete both promptly so that we may begin.

4. Wait and Keep in Touch

After I receive payment, I’ll begin right away! Please allow up to 1 month for completion, depending on the complexity of the project.

In the meantime, please keep in touch with your e-mail as this is how I’ll be communicating with you should any concerns or questions arise,

5. Enjoy!

I’ll turn over the website to you and teach you how to manage your site. I’ll handle all the hard parts like plugins and web hosting, so just relax and enjoy!

Stay Tuned!

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