About Harvest Delights
& its Designer

Though I have over a decade of general design experience, my time as a web designer really started in earnest when I started my art and design business.  In July of 2019, I was a fresh, new artist to the artist alley scene and I needed a place to showcase all of my artwork and myself as a creator.

I attempted to use Etsy many times and just became frustrated with the whole process. Combined with their recent controversial strategies and policies, I wanted to stay far away from a marketplace style site to host my art. 

And while other websites like Shopify and Squarespace offer more customizability, they didn’t offer the control I wanted.

Then I found WordPress. Combined with this neat website building plugin, Elementor, I established my place on the vast internet. 

Then COVID-19 emerged in the world suddenly. The very same industry I just joined was now in distress from numerous fan convention cancellations. 

I created a virtual convention to help my fellow artists, named IsekaiCon with a few other organizers. Later on, I created a smaller one: Midnight Market. 

Harvest Delights began with that same drive to help other creators. As a small business owner myself, I understand how difficult it is to start out – often with a low budget.

This is why my packages and services are discounted the way they are, compared to other web designers. I only offer creators, like myself or of other disciplines, these super economical prices. 

Ever Wolfsbane

Creator, Web Designer, Small Business Owner